Learning to love me....Learning to encourage my Self...Learning the power of being a woman...of being ME

While you're giving out hugs, don't forget to hug yourself!

Love YOU!

Don't be afraid to love YOU!

Your worth is not based on what you can do with your body, 
but knowing who your body belongs to.

Surrender your life to your Creator...
 and watch Him work

Today isn't just another day, it's another chance!

Don't let it get away!

Don't let life live you, live your life!
Give yourself permission to be you
Take a minute to reflect

Live your life without regrets

EXPECT great things in your life today!

There is only ONE you...
take care of YOU

Love yourself half as much 
as your Creator loves you!

Have you hugged yourself lately?

There really are no good or bad situations, it's our outlook and our reaction that makes a situation bad or good. 
Find the good in everything!

Seize the day, but don't forget to seize the source of the day!

Someone would love to be in your shoes. 
Be thankful

Don't waste the day complaining...
celebrate life....celebrate you!

When God made you, He broke the mold.
There is  no other like you

Don't just grasp the moment, grasp the MASTER and hold on!
Be happy to greet yourself each morning
 just as you're happy to greet others.
Embrace your life...you only have one!
Your temple belongs to God.
Eat life not death.

In other words...watch what you eat.
Make yourself a priority in life.
You're worth it!
It's hard for others to love you
when you don't love yourself.

Being two faced is more than an illusion...
it's a waste of time in your ONE life!

In order to be true to yourself,
you must know your Self.

Life goes by fast, hurry up and enjoy it!

Be more aware of your spiritual being rather than
your physical being.

Trust your instincts...

If you believe in God,
even the worse things that happen to you,
happen for your good!

Things could be worse...find the good in your situation

You only have one life...live it well

While you're taking care of your family,
 God is taking care of you!

Why wonder what your calling in life is?
Ask your creator!

You are infected with greatness!

God created only one YOU
You're special!

Speak and think positive words to your Self

Regardless of what your physical appearance is,
 you are a beautiful creation!

Be true to YOU

Teach Pretty

Be Pretty....Teach Pretty


Why worry about things you can't change?


Feeling a little yucky?
A simple prayer may be the only pill you need.


You may not be perfect, but God is perfecting you everyday. 
Walk with Him.

Inner Beauty

Paying more attention to inner beauty 
will create more outer beauty

Your Focus

When you find yourself focusing on mess, 
turn your mental channel and focus on your Master!

Let's Talk

 Gwendolyn aka Tobemeis2Bfree
talks freely about loving herself

Holding Her Own

Your Benefits

If it doesn't benefit you spiritually or emotionally, don't waste your time with it.

A smile

A smile will enhance your looks!

Grumpy Day

Having a grumpy day?
Get out of your own way!

Pay Attention

Pay attention to YOU.
Get to know your body, your mind, and your soul

Neglecting You

Don't neglect your SELF!

A Vessel

You are a beautiful vessel
Don't fill it with junk
Guard your eye gates, your ear gates, and the gate to your heart


Difficult relationships are worth putting 
your relationship with God in jeopardy

Rise Above Pain

Rise above your hurt and pain 
Don't waddle in it

Your Focus

Instead of focusing on those who mistreated you
Focus on those who treat you well


When you give, 
others gain
It's better to give


Adversity has a funny way of showing you 


You are the vehicle that drives your family
Don't forget to stop for a fill-up!